I specialize in the presentation of architecture and interiors through photography, from concept, through construction, to realization.

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Photography of architectural projects

I capture the essence, detail and structure of your architectural designs through photography, using light and composition to present unique elements and artistic vision. These photographs effectively communicate your values, aesthetic and professional approach, making them ideal for public presentation, architectural magazines or marketing materials. They serve as an effective tool for promoting your work and attracting the attention of potential clients and investors.

Interior design photography

My photographs document not only the physical attributes of your interiors, but also convey the atmosphere, functionality and emotions they evoke. Through composition, lighting and attention to detail, I strive to show the spatial harmony, material richness and design innovation of a project. Interior photography helps to convey your values and reach potential customers.

Drone footage

The drone offers a unique perspective on your project, showing its scope, context and integration into the surrounding environment. Drone photography highlights the unique features and spatial relationships of your designs. It captures a perspective that is otherwise unattainable, making it a powerful tool for project presentation.

Real estate photography

Real estate photography services offer eye-catching images that beautifully showcase the architectural excellence and unique features of your property. These photos serve as a marketing tool that allows you to communicate effectively and ultimately facilitate successful transactions and maximize your return on investment. Additionally, our services are used for Booking, Airbnb, real estate agents and short-term bookings.

Photographing the construction process

Construction progress photos provide a comprehensive visual record of your project's progress from inception to completion. I capture construction milestones, dynamic transformation and create an engaging visual story that highlights the evolution of your building into a finished masterpiece. From capturing the interplay of light and shadow on raw materials to showcasing the vitality of skilled craftsmen at work, my photographic collections draw viewers into the compelling story of your project's evolution.

Creating virtual tours

Matterport creates immersive 3D space models that allow you to virtually explore and showcase real-world environments. It's a powerful tool for a variety of purposes, from enhancing real estate listings and assisting in construction projects to a dynamic platform for showcasing the work of architects and interior designers. With Matterport, you can accurately capture spaces, share interactive virtual tours and streamline communication in a visually engaging way.

Point cloud scanning and targeting

In the case of new construction, Matterport assists in visualising the design concept and facilitates effective communication between project stakeholders. In the case of renovation of old buildings, the platform becomes a tool to accurately capture existing conditions. Point cloud data obtained from Matterport scans seamlessly integrates into 3D design and Building Information Modeling (BIM) workflows, enabling architects and building professionals to gain meaningful insights and make informed decisions throughout the project lifecycle.

S jakými obory spolupracuji

  • Architekti
  • Architektonické kanceláře a studia
  • Interiérový designéři
  • Stavební společnosti
  • Dodavatelé a výrobci modulových staveb
  • Realitní kanceláře
  • Kuchyňská studia
  • Koupelnová studia
  • Developeři
  • Investoři a investiční skupiny
  • Akustická řešení
  • Města a kraje
  • Stínící techniky, výrobci a dodavatelé
  • Městské mobiliáře
  • Betonářské firmy
  • Obchodní centra
  • Obchody
  • Bednění a lešení
  • Inženýrské konstrukce
  • Chytré domácností
  • Statní společnosti
  • Výrobci nábytku
  • Designéři
  • Výrobci a dodavatelé skleněných fasád
  • Airbnb
  • Showroomy
  • Fasádních systémů
  • Střešní systémy
  • Sedací systémy
  • Interiérový design kanceláří
  • A další ...

Ganz gleich, ob Sie ein neues Architektur- oder Innenarchitekturprojekt dokumentieren, Ihr Portfolio präsentieren oder Ihr Marketingmaterial verbessern möchten, ich bin für Sie da. Lassen Sie uns gemeinsam daran arbeiten, Ihre Vision durch Architekturfotografie zum Leben zu erwecken.

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