Media service and publication

Proper presentation of the project is essential. Therefore, as a photographer of architecture and interiors, I also focus on their presentation in the media. I cooperate with relevant Czech and foreign media that specialize in architecture, design, materials, construction activities and others, thanks to which your projects will reliably reach the target group.


The basis of the presentation is a photograph. As a rule, this is narrative photography, technical/documentary photography and possibly also staged photography. The project is thus photographed not only for the presentation of your portfolio, but also for widely represented media and for private presentations to clients, when, for example, you need to show technical solutions.


If you want to present the project with everything, photos alone are not enough. For that reason, they are supplemented by a press release with the story and the technical parameters of the architecture. Together with the photos, they form the perfect basis for the presentation, while the media are already creating their own articles from the information.

Press kit

The press kit therefore consists of photos, floor plans, technical information and a press release tailored to the project, which accompanies its entire story from preparation to implementation and completion. It gives a comprehensive picture of him, thanks to which you can create a perfect presentation.

Why media service?

Media service is a comprehensive service from photographing the project to its publication. Through it, you will not only present your project and yourself as a company, but thanks to the presentation in professional media, you will be sure that you have reached the widest range of potential clients who may be interested in your cooperation.

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