About me – Professional photographer of architecture and interiors

Hi, I'm Alex and I'm a photographer. So much for the formalities. I started shooting in 2014 and my first client was the Best Bar That Doesn't Exist, and it was a perfect ride of crazy concepts, late night events until 4am, topped off with the best bar magazine ever.

I'm currently studying at Tomas Bata University to become a fierce artist. And I also started photographing architecture and interiors. I went through everything, photos of people, things, events, food, but the best is still architecture. Over the years, my photographs have been published in ERA 21, Architect+, My House, the online magazine Archizoom and more.

But enough about me, you've definitely seen the portfolio. Now just give me a call, I want to know everything about your project. Let's have a good coffee - I'm a Brno guy, everyone here has at least two piccolos in their veins - and discuss another amazing photo concept! If you want to stop by Brno, it's the first turn from Prague to Vienna, you can't miss it. And if you're from far away, I'll come and fly in anyway, I have a passport, so I can get to Prague too.

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